Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. 

Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” 

– Ralph Lauren

Sphere Bridal Gallery offers brides a suite of exceptional designs, supported by professional styling advice. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their vision.

Our job is to provide guidance, and source a bridal ensemble that perfectly encapsulates the individual style of our bride and the mood she’s looking to create; whether it’s a floor length ivory dress with a veil or a luxe tailored suit.

Sphere Bridal Gallery is unique in that we have access to a broad range of bridal collections from top designers to choose from, but we’re not a store as such, so our clients do not feel pressured to make a purchase.

Our experienced stylists are here to lend guidance and expertise. We take a relaxed yet attentive approach to our viewings, allowing space for brides to respond intuitively to the feel and aesthetic of the pieces.

We want our bride to show up for her wedding day feeling like her choice of garment is a second skin – perfectly fit, and entirely her own.


Interview with Sarah McCarthy, Director & Founder

Tell me a bit about your professional background and what inspired you to create Sphere Bridal Gallery.

I started young in the hair and beauty industry – I was a hairdresser for 10 years but always had more of a desire to work with fashion. I studied fashion design and business in Sydney and have since worked in a number of areas including magazines, retail and personal styling. Working across hair, beauty and fashion really afforded me a broad skill set and valuable insight into what I now offer my clients at Sphere. I was always drawn to working with clients one-on-one and really taking the time to get to know them and their style, which naturally lead me into bridal as it’s such a personal and unique expression for each bride. What excited me, too, was that bridal trends were changing and designers began pushing the traditional boundaries, allowing more scope for creativity which I found really inspiring.

What’s unique about your business model and what sets Sphere Bridal Galleries apart from other bridal stores and styling services?

We offer professional advice and guidance to help brides realise their vision and select an ensemble that is perfectly in-sync with their individual style, so they can feel beautiful and confident. Because we charge for a viewing there’s no pressure to choose one of our garments, that way our bride can feel free to simply discuss ideas and receive guidance without any sense of obligation.

How do you approach each of your clients? Talk me through the process of selecting the perfect dress for your soon-to-be brides.

We always start with a discussion about what each client envisions for their wedding and any inspiration they may have sourced. We really aim to get to know our bride – her style, shape and personal preferences. That way any suggestions we make will be tailored specifically to her and we’re able to build on her vision together. We never impose our opinion but rather offer advice and work to create something that feels true to our client.

What’s the story behind the name?

A sphere to me really represents my journey up to this point, which feels very much like a culmination of everything I’ve learnt along the way. Everything we offer at Sphere Bridal Gallery comes from a well-rounded knowledge base, you could say.

How would you describe your personal style?

Feminine with a bit of edge.